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Studio 3 art@cedarfarm, 
Cedar Farm,
Back Lane,
Lancashire L40 3SY


Established in 1986, my business has been predominantly designing and painting silk and particularly silk scarves. My small studio shop at Cedar Farm has been one of  many outlets for me but recently, due to rsi symptoms, my work has taken other textile related directions and I have almost entirely focused on selling just from there. At the moment, I am not painting silk at all and have very few scarves left but may get back to it in the future.

This has been a very exciting and liberating time for me as I relish buying beautiful fabrics and creating with them. I import antique and vintage silk kimono from Japan and both sell these stunning garments and use the fabric to create framed pieces and covered sketch/notebooks.  I buy all sorts of other lovely fabrics and make lamps and lampshades. Take a look at the sections below for more information and I hope you will visit me soon but I am sorry, I am unable to do mail order or sell online as I have just been so busy at the shop.

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 Silk scarves

I have almost none of my hand painted silk scarves available now but am hoping to return to painting more in the future. I have started to make a few scarves using the vintage and antique kimono silk that I import directly from Japan. It is very beautiful and fantastic quality of silk but makes a much heavier scarf. Please contact me before you visit the studio to check availibility.


 Framed kimono silk

These pictures are pieces of antique and vintage silk, mostly hand painted, from kimono,.  that for various reasons, could never be worn. I have deconstructed and repurposed the entire garments, selecting very carefully, the composition of the piece to be framed in a variety of differing size and colour of frame. Prices start at £20 with the largest A3 sizes around £65 and longer pieces at £75.


Lamps and shades

An in house selection of beautiful fabric covered freestanding lamps and shades in some wonderful patterned materials. I have a huge choice you can choose from for your bespoke item including Liberty, Kaffe Fassett Collective, Morris and Co. and patterned velvets. 


 Vintage silk kimono 

I have a good selection of antique and vintage kimono, mostly silk, that I import directly from Japan. The haori jackets are perfect to be worn just as they are while the full length kimono can be cut down for dressing gowns, three quarter length coats or just used for a striking display on a pole against a wall. Prices go from around £50 to £100 and I love people to try them on and share what knowledge I have gleaned from over 12 years of buying and selling these beautiful and fascinating garments.


 Kimono silk books

Using pieces of silk from deconstructed unwearable silk kimono or left over from the pictures, I cover sketch/notebooks and photograph albums. They have good quality cartridge paper and I choose lovely complementary designs for end papers. Each comes with a description of the fabric used. There are several sizes of book and prices start at £10 for the smallest A6.


 Salvage Bags

When I have time, I love to make these unique bags but they take a long time to compose and construct so I don't always have them in stock but will usually accept a commission. I use old salvaged leather, denim and corduroy jackets and trousers along with beautiful fabric swatches, samples, remnants, deadstock and  offcuts to individually compose these bags so you will never see another exactly the same. Currently, they are priced at around £55

For any more information

Fill out the form, call, text or email me.  07763201091

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