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Creative Brain Freeze

Creative Brain Freeze

It seems to be a common complaint from the creative people I come across that this virus has many other effects on us other than medical; it has been draining our true creativity. Some people have not been able to produce anything worthwhile (so they say- or is that just our insecurities!) while others, like myself, have kept producing but had to concentrate on less demanding projects or even move sideways and divert to other related things.

I am quite concerned that my silk painted designing mojo or confidence seems to have disserted me and although I have loads of...

Chilblains and Hand Sewing

Don't really go together, do they?! I have had a sore finger tip for a few weeks now, fortunately on my left hand index finger but I never would have thought it could be so sore and itchy or affect my hand sewing so much.

I was quite perplexed about what it could be until I realised it is the same as on my toes so had to be a chilblain - frost bite, in other words! I have tried sticking a thimble on it to no avail so, when I am not sewing, I am rubbing geranium essential oil...

Lockdown Limited Edition Scarf!

Lockdown Limited Edition Scarf!

I have been feeling the need to do something work wise to express my feelings of the need for hope. I am not quite up to doing a completely new design yet though I have lots of ideas I want to experiment with when I finally get my mojo back.

So, this is a design of stained glass in lots of vibrant greens with purple bird shapes. I love green and purple together! It is a limited edition version of a design I sometimes paint but I have incorporated my favourite saying onto the panes of the glass shapes "If...

Slobbing Around in Lockdown

Slobbing Around in Lockdown

So, I am cold and fed up, like most people, I guess. I have always found clothes a great source of joy however rubbish I feel but at the moment even that doesn't work and I seem to spend my time in leggings and feeling like a slob.

BUT, what I have found is that I am wearing my hand painted silk scarves even more than normal, even if I am just pottering around at home. There is something so soft, warm and positively therapeutic about silk on your neck and I feel warm and soothed when I wear one...

Which scarf is for me?

I am always getting asked for advice on which scarf to buy either for the customer or for a gift so I thought I would give some thoughts and ideas to my blog, so here goes......

Do you love scarves and feel confident on lots of ways to tie them?

If you do, and are not limited by price, I would recommend the premium long scarves. They are a slightly thicker silk and wider so you can do so much more with them and they look more dramatic. They are easily folded down and are not bulky when you...