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34 Years and 11 months in Business!

This coming October I will have been in business painting and selling my silk scarves for 35 years and I find it hard to believe where the time has gone.

I feel so very lucky to have survived, earning my living, for so long and am so grateful to all my loyal customers, some of whom were buying from me back in 1986 when I first started. Some even come into my studio shop at Cedar farm to tell me that they still have and wear some of my first scarves which really makes me happy. 

It hasn't always been easy, and still isn't, especially the last 18 months. There have been slipped discs, sore shoulders and stiff necks along the way but also designs for the National Trust, Friends of The Whitworth, Yorkshire Dales National Parks etc but the real highlights have been the enthusiasm of individual customers. I never tire of unexpectedly seeing someone wearing one of my scarves when I am out and about- still the biggest thrill of all.

I suppose what this blog is really for is to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has ever bought one of my designs.

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