Chilblains and Hand Sewing

Don't really go together, do they?! I have had a sore finger tip for a few weeks now, fortunately on my left hand index finger but I never would have thought it could be so sore and itchy or affect my hand sewing so much.

I was quite perplexed about what it could be until I realised it is the same as on my toes so had to be a chilblain - frost bite, in other words! I have tried sticking a thimble on it to no avail so, when I am not sewing, I am rubbing geranium essential oil on it. this always workd for me on my toes but my hands are in and out of water all day especially with this pandemic so it is not quite as effective.

Anyone one got any better ideas? Your sewing with chilblains experiences would be most appreciated! 

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