Coronavirus coping strategy for makers

Well, today I decided to have a chat about how I am coping (or not) after just over one week of semi isolation, having someone at high risk at home.

I have had a few website and notonthehighstreet orders but I think we are all still, rightly, in shock and trying to find coping strategies for ourselves as well as our very small businesses. It feels good that we should get government help but I feel I need some continuum with work too. My garden has never looked better since our son, Harry, was born but so much of who I am is doing and selling my work so I feel very lost and lacking in motivation.

Has anyone had any luck with posting items on social media? I keep trying with not much luck but I guess we all have bigger things to contend with. There are still birthday presents to buy and hopefully our customers will remember us (if we keep reminding them a little) rather than the big boys on the internet shopping scene. I have been trying to support our local food shops as much as I can so here's hoping!

Anyone any good ideas?

I have been into my studio at Cedar Farm a couple of times to pick up post and things I really need to work at home but it felt so cold and strange their that i couldn't imagine staying and working on my own there. I do have accounts to do but am avoiding them! (hence this blog). Now I feel guilty- will go and get on with them now- but get a cup of coffee first!

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