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Creative Brain Freeze

It seems to be a common complaint from the creative people I come across that this virus has many other effects on us other than medical; it has been draining our true creativity. Some people have not been able to produce anything worthwhile (so they say- or is that just our insecurities!) while others, like myself, have kept producing but had to concentrate on less demanding projects or even move sideways and divert to other related things.

I am quite concerned that my silk painted designing mojo or confidence seems to have disserted me and although I have loads of ideas, I don't seem to be able to  follow them through onto paper, never mind silk. Doing other things like my face coverings, salvage bags, cards etc has been my way of keeping the creative flame flickering, waiting for the fire to catch! It just seems to be a long time coming.

My other cunning plan has been to revisit and redevelop existing patterns like this version of "Pod" based on cacoa bean pods. So, I am hoping that will get my mojo back sometime soon!

Pod Long Hand Painted Silk Scarf – JOANNE EDDON

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