Due to my annual summer holiday, any orders taken will not be dispatched until the first week of July.

Fab Salvage Bags!

So now we are in lockdown again, I am busy making the big bags I create from salvaged fabrics.

I have a collection of jeans and leather jackets etc that I have bought from charity shops or friends have given me, so I use these to make panels with pockets, bag bottoms and straps. This is my starting point for the bag.

Next, I select a couple of  "feature" pieces for each side. Again, I have a huge collection of beautiful interior fabric remnants, samples and swatches, vintage Liberty, Morris and Co, Sanderson, tweeds and Japanese obi fabric that I have avidly bought specifically but speculatively, if you know what I mean! B uying these is such a joy and a good excuse to feed my passion/addiction. 

The feature pieces help me then to select other lovely fabrics to put with them, again from my vast collection. I try to mix it up as much as possible with colours, patterns and textures and take risks rather than create something that is mundane. Sometimes it takes ages and my brain needs to have a break so I have to leave it and come back later. I also find I need daylight.

Then comes the sewing! It is time consuming and I often break needles in the process but it usually takes less time than the fabric selection itself, which I find surprising. 

Each one is unique so if you see one you like on my website under the "ETC" section, don't wait as it will be gone. I will only make them for as long as I enjoy the process too.

Have a look if I have any......quick!  


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