How to Wash Silk Scarves

If you have already been told that your silk scarf is colourfast and can be washed then this is what I recommend to all my customers for my scarves. Hand wash in luke warm water with a mild soap or detergent. There is no real need to use a specialist wash for silk, any hand wash product should be fine. I have used all sorts of products on my hand painted silk scarves in the past including hand soap and shampoo! My scarves have been steamed to achieve colour fastness and washed in my washing machine for their first wash so I can reassure my customers that they will be fine. However, I suggest that they hand wash as if the silk is lightweight, machine washing would sooner or later (depending on the cycle/temperature you choose and of course your machine itself) damage the silk and weaken the colours. You need to dry your scarf flat and then iron but I have discovered that I get a much better result if I iron my scarf from wet after I have squeezed it quickly in a towel. It seems to add body to the fabric and the real bonus is that it is washed and dried in minutes! But always check your scarf is not dry clean only- this usually means that the fabric might shrink or distort if washed or that it is not colour fast. Hope this helps. Joanne Eddon

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