Lockdown Diary of a Maker Part 2

Well, here we go again! This is the third time the studio shop is shut now and to be honest, I am glad. I was starting to feel uncomfortable and unsafe being open and was about to close anyway. I had been operating with a barrier across my doorway so people could see most things but could only come in if invited after putting on a mask and sanitising their hands. I started doing that in July after "the long lockdown" and have continued with that ever since to make customers feel safe . People seem to have really appreciated my caution too. So, I guess I will continue with that when we reopen, whenever that is!

This new Shopify website seems to be working well and getting me more sales than the previous one so I have sent out to my email list already asking for feedback on the new site and it has brought in a few orders. Shopify seems to be really easy to use and with the help of my techie son, it should cost me less every month. I would recommend it. 

Otherwise, I am trying to keep busy building up stock but I have to say, it is much harder to motivate in the grim January weather. Looking back, I was so switched on back in the Spring but I think we are all feeling the same.

Be good to get some feedback on the new website so do check it out and get in touch.




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