Lockdown Limited Edition Scarf!

I have been feeling the need to do something work wise to express my feelings of the need for hope. I am not quite up to doing a completely new design yet though I have lots of ideas I want to experiment with when I finally get my mojo back.

So, this is a design of stained glass in lots of vibrant greens with purple bird shapes. I love green and purple together! It is a limited edition version of a design I sometimes paint but I have incorporated my favourite saying onto the panes of the glass shapes "If you keep a green branch in your heart, singing birds will come" and dated it 2021. The saying is apparently an old Chinese one.

It felt appropriate to now, (February 2021) with Spring and the vaccines on their way- a message of hope. I have painted 6 long scarves and 4 premium scarves and will only take orders for more until I am able to reopen my shop.

Sending you all my message of hope.

Joanne x

limited edition scarf

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