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Mackintosh Rose Silk Scarf

My most popular scarf recently has been a design that I have been painting for several years now though as they are all hand painted, they vary each time I paint them. I find it interesting how my designs change organically over the years too.

This one was obviously inspired by the work, not just of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, but The Glasgow School as a whole. I hadn't really realised, until I visited the fantastic exhibition "Charles Rennie Mackintosh: making the Glasgow Style" a while ago, that it was the whole group that used this rose motif and not only with stained glass but on silver, fabric, wood etc. It really was a brilliant exhibition. Such a shame that the shop was selling gifts etc based on the exhibition but non, unless I am mistaken, from local artists and designers.

 The website www.joanneeddon.co.uk has the most popular colourway that I paint which is greys with pink but I also paint one with a pale turquoise blue for the flower too. Good job the pink is the most popular as my turquoise dye is virtually impossible to get at the moment as apparently there is a world wide shortage of a mineral/metal that is needed to make it. If you have any more information on that, please let me know!

Mackintosh Rose Long Hand Painted Silk Scarf – JOANNE EDDON


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