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Slobbing Around in Lockdown

So, I am cold and fed up, like most people, I guess. I have always found clothes a great source of joy however rubbish I feel but at the moment even that doesn't work and I seem to spend my time in leggings and feeling like a slob.

BUT, what I have found is that I am wearing my hand painted silk scarves even more than normal, even if I am just pottering around at home. There is something so soft, warm and positively therapeutic about silk on your neck and I feel warm and soothed when I wear one tucked in the neck of my scruffy jumper. I suppose it is my equivalent of wearing my pyjamas all day!

At the moment, I am living in one of my green Swirling Leaves premium scarf as I am desperate for signs of Spring. The birds are convinced it's not far away and we have Snowdrops and Helebores in the garden and the Hazel trees are sporting their catkins. Green is a favourite for me as it seems such a hopeful colour and connected with creativity. So, wear green and see if it helps you too x

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