Which scarf is for me?

I am always getting asked for advice on which scarf to buy either for the customer or for a gift so I thought I would give some thoughts and ideas to my blog, so here goes......

Do you love scarves and feel confident on lots of ways to tie them?

If you do, and are not limited by price, I would recommend the premium long scarves. They are a slightly thicker silk and wider so you can do so much more with them and they look more dramatic. They are easily folded down and are not bulky when you do so, so you have the option for them to be neat and discreate or flowy and showy (sorry, it had to rhyme!). I tend to wear this size most often and all year round as silk breathes so it never gets too hot but also keeps you warm. My favourite just now is Allsorts.

Do you love scarves but never know how to wear them?

If so, the single loop snood is for you. You only have to slip it over your head and it will look lovely and not come undone or fall off. My 91 year old Mother has had me convert all the scarves I have given her over the years into snoods for ease and convenience. It is really just like wearing a nice necklace. You can anchor it down with a brooch, if you like: if you open the brooch pin and put the scarf inside then fix to your top you don't even have to make a hole in the scarf and you can position the brooch in different places. You can fold the loop inside a coat opening too to add a little warmth around your neck. Itchy jumpers can be fixed by tucking the scarf under the neckline. So this little snood is more useful than you might think.

Want a scarf for warmth and decoration?

A square scarf will give you maximum warmth around your neck and a classic look, still with quite a few ways to wear it including over your head. Having said that, the premium long scarf will wrap around a couple of times and being slightly thicker silk will do the job equally well with more ways to wear it. The long scarf is nearly as good as it is the same length, just finer silk.

Want a good all round scarf at a great price for hand painted silk?

The long scarf has to be the answer. It is, by a long way, my most popular scarf size both for customers themselves and for presents. It is a lightweight silk that is soft and easy to wear and look after and a good length and width to tie in lots of ways. 

Want to know the most popular designs and colours?

Anything blue/turquoise is always popular and well received so take a look at The Garden, Poppies and Swirling Leaves.

Multicolored ones are good too - Millefiori, Allsorts and Anemones

Hope this helps but feel free to get in touch if I can help some more. I have other designs not on the website too. Joanne




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