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Sewing silk-how I do it.

Silk is renowned for being difficult to sew but over my 34 years of experience painting and sewing it, I have a few ideas that might help. I have tried many of the tips given by others such as sewing through tissue paper and with silk thread but there are only one or two suggestions that I have found helpful I will share with you.

Use a sharp needle. I have bought specially fine sharp ones but really, a normal one is fine as long as it IS sharp and...

Coronavirus coping strategy for makers

Well, today I decided to have a chat about how I am coping (or not) after just over one week of semi isolation, having someone at high risk at home.

I have had a few website and notonthehighstreet orders but I think we are all still, rightly, in shock and trying to find coping strategies for ourselves as well as our very small businesses. It feels good that we should get government help but I feel I need some continuum with work too. My garden has never looked better since...